Olympics 2021

It’s Olympic time again, which means plenty of volleyball to watch, what have we learnt so far:

  • Professional players can play without ball Boys & Girls.
  • Floor moppers are not required to cleaning the floor between every point.
  • Advert breaks, sorry technical times outs are not required in group matches.
  • Video reviews being used in a number of different way by teams.
  • We have also seen the Japanese Men introduce a new trick play (not totally new but now seen on global TV). I’m sure most clubs will be adding it to their 2021/22 play books. Not seen it, get googling.
  • Several new counties on the top step of the podiums.
  • And most colourful team, Kenyan ladies with their multi-coloured and beaded hair styles.

If you don’t have access via one of the TV subscription services, I beleive you can download the Discovery+ app, sign up (remember to cancel after the event). Where you should have access to all games and catch up.

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