Reality TV Show

I have received a call from a TV production company that is looking to create a sports based “reality TV” show based on real teams and real players at club level in Olympic sports. They are researching possible story angles, and want to look at real life underdog stories, where they would help support a team to overcome some adversity to achieve a goal. That support could be bringing in a high level coach, sports science expertise, a sports psychologist etc. The sort of stories they are looking for include teams that:

  • Are on a long losing streak
  • Haven’t beaten a local rival in a very long time
  • Have been newly promoted into a higher league and struggling to compete
  • Are trying to rebuild after being very good some years ago, but dropped off recently

If you have any potential candidates for this, please let me know the background and the story’s hook and I’ll pass them onto the production company for review. The programme is still in conceptual stage(i.e. could still be cancelled), so we need to manage our expectations of any possible coverage.

All the best,

Rohan West

Participation Director
Volleyball England
T: 01509 227740

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