Set of Posts for Sale

posts1Torexe Volleyball Club have a set of used Sportset Volleyball Posts for sale. We are currently arranging purchase and a delivery date for a new set, we are looking to have this completed for the start of indoor training at the beginning of September.

The posts are currently located at the Exeter Riverside LC and access can be arranged for viewing if required.

Description: A used set of Category type 1B Volleyball Posts, the minimum standard required for Volleyball Matches and conform to BS EN 1271 2004(E) for sports hall use.

Manufacture: Sportset Ltd  Colour: Black

Age: The club purchased the posts new in 1999 (+/- a year).

Uses: The posts are in constant use by the club during the indoor season and used for all levels of the sport.

Storage: During their life, the posts have been used and stored at West Exe School Exeter, Priory School Exeter and the Riverside Leisure Centre Exeter. They have never been stored or used out doors.

Wear & Tear: Normal wear and tear from 15 years of use but they still have many years of life left in them.

Damage: One item of damage, one of the bakelite knobs for adjusting one of the net slider bar broke towards the end of last season. You can still adjust the slider but the break has reduced the size of the knob and left a sharp edge, I understand that replacements are available from Sportset.

Price: £250

Dave Reece

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