Sportivate Sitting Volleyball sessions in Plymouth

Starting on Tuesday 6th August, PMVC in conjunction with Active Devon and the Life Centre are hosting the first totally inclusive sitting volleyball course which will be running through the summer holidays with a competition/ Match on 1st September.

This initiative is to commemorate one year on from the success of the Olympics and Paralympics London 2012 and to showcase a sport which gained a lot of interest and publicity. Providing there is sufficient interest and it is sustainable, we aim for this to be the launchpad for regular training sessions throughout the coming season 2013/14 season and hopefully to also be the first formally recognised Sitting Volleyball Club in the SW region.

Due to the rarity of this sort of opportunity, I urge anyone interested in this sport whether as a potential player, coach, teacher, volunteer or someone just looking to do something different, to come and try this exciting and fast paced variation of volleyball.

Please note that this is not exclusive to people in the Plymouth area, we would happily welcome anyone from the SW region who is able to attend.

I am also starting to collate a register of interested parties for the first Sitting Volleyball Awareness workshop in the SW which I would like to happen ASAP, preferably before the End of September. Please contact me if you are interested and once we have sufficient numbers I will then look to agree final details with all interested parties and Volleyball England. (I also intend to have an add-on to this workshop for any VE registered referees who can then be upgraded to officiate Sitting Volleyball games and be eligible to referee SVGP games).

Any Questions at all, please contact me as per the details on the poster below.

Andrew Potter – Chairman of PMVC

Sitting Volleyball 13

About Po

I have been active in volleyball since the mid 90's and I am currently a junior, community and sitting volleyball coach as well as being a National Grade referee and Referee Tutor in training. I am proud to be the founder of Plymouth Mayflower Volleyball Club and I play, coach, officiate and facilitate volleyball in the Plymouth area whenever my busy life lets me!
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