The Night the Lights went out – Glow Volleyball

I know a number of clubs already hold their own Glow or Black Light Volleyball Sessions, played under Ultra Violet lights but this was my first session. It took a little bit of organising with the venue who had health and safety issues, but once sorted it was time to get out the glow sticks, UV makeup and the dayglow clothing.

We tried old volleyballs covered in UV tape, UV Glow Volleyballs but found that Orange LED balls worked well, which also occasionally went into stealth mode (when the light went off) before suddenly coming back on at the next touch.

It all added to the fun, just need to pick a warmer evening next time, when it’s not -4 outside. Thanks to everyone who arrived early to help set up, tape over the net, court lines, move equipment and made this all possible.

If anyone is looking to do the same, we used equipment supplied by Sports Way Management

Dave Reece

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