Volleyball Futures

Volleyball Futures: the best approach to athlete development

The Easter bank holiday weekend will see the first camp of the Volleyball Futures programme, which aims to spread expertise on the best way to develop talented volleyball players.

Held at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering, the event is for coaches and players of the under 15 regional squads and is a brilliant opportunity for them to discover how to create the best environment to develop talented athletes.

This camp is just the beginning for the Volleyball Futures and the aim of the programme is to spread this knowledge to all volleyball clubs where young players with potential are learning the game.

So what will the coaches and under 15 players, who will be aspiring to join the England talent pathway, be learning over the weekend?

More info at: https://www.volleyballengland.org/news/article/5895/volleyball-futures-the-best-approach


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