Whitefield Volleyball Tournament

116 teams have entered Whitefield already. Whoohoo, so excited!!

But we would love to fill the tournament with your help.

There are 14 places left (divisions: mens 1 and 2, mixed 2.5 and womens 2)

So we are giving you the heads up (as you are on our list as someone who is already coming to the tournament) to tell your friends, invite them to enter – tell them to go to the tournament web site.

If they want to enter a different division (that is already full) tell them to let me know by email.

REMINDER… have you entered the names of your people camping??

You need to do this before the tournament weekend so that we know who they are when they arrive.

Thanks for all your help and have a great day!

Best wishes, Kate (whitefield@cbvc.org.uk)

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