So, what is your web site worth?

Every now and them, I pick a random set of volleyball web sites on the SW Links page and see what people are up too. Volleyball web sites come and go as the sport changes, but it always surprises me that some are not kept up to date or are just released by their administrators.

This week I notice that the Northern Ireland VA site domain ( is currently up for sale for $2895 USD, older versions of the site are available, but these have not been updated for some time, so it looks like the NIVA is currently off line.

So, what is your web site worth?
I’m involved with quite a few sites, for example this newsletter brings in an additional £2,000 plus per years to the sport that we can directly calculate as well as putting people in touch with each other. The SWVA web site is more of a tool for our members hence it’s a little more complicated to put a value on it but it keeps the wheels turning, many events and PR items run off the back of it.

My club web site is a great recruiting tool for new members and brings in over £1,000 a year to the club accounts. Not all clubs are the same and my beach web site has a similar set up but being a much smaller operation, it’s only about £100 per years. The value of Tournament and similar event web sites are easy to calculate and hence they are a must have tool. I do notice that sites that have moved over to other platforms (e.g. to social media companies) generally do not do so well.

So what’s your domain worth?
With today’s selection of excellent and up to date search engines, your domain is almost irrelevant and hence could be almost anything as long as people can find it and recognise it as you. So, would I pay $2895 USD for, I don’t think so, likewise I would also not run an event or an association without a up to date web site presence either, IMHO a must have tool.


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