XXI Summer Cup 2022 – Portugal

Dear Club Manager, The organization of the XXI Summer Cup 2022 has the pleasure of inviting your prestigious team to participate in the 21th edition of this International Tournament of Volleyball.

This event takes place between July 7th – July 11th 2022 in Vila da Lousã – Portugal (located about 28 km from Coimbra) .

The tournament is aimed to teams from the following age groups:

  •  Under 14 (“Infantis”) boys and girls: born in 2008 and after;
  •  Under 15 (“Iniciados”) boys and girls: born in 2007 and after;
  •  Under 16 (“Cadetes”) boys and girls: born in 2006 and after;
  •  Under 19 (“Juvenis”) boys and girls: born in 2003 and after.

Main Goals:

  1. a) To extend the 2021/2022 season, thus encouraging the teams to continue training after the standard season.
  2. b) To mark the end of the season with a tournament, where the parties and the moments of fraternization between the teams are a constant, and which give this event unique features of festive atmosphere.
  3. c) Gather the family of European/ International youth volleyball in Lousã and adjacent municipalities.
  4. d) Equally, this event allows the coaches to test the teams and the players of the 2022/2023 season. This means that the teams may also bring some younger players (born in 2009).

Best regards,

Luis Vidal (+351 911516206) lousavolleyclube@sapo.pt

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