Exeter Men’s Challenge Results 2024

1st Exeter Storm

It was another successful year for the Exeter Men’s Challenge with a sell out program once again. The challenge brings together lower National League, Regional, local league and Crown Service teams in a single event.

No. Club & Team Name… No. Club & Team Name…
1st Exeter Storm 7th Unity VC
2nd Bath University 8th Torexe Gladiators
3rd Wiltshire Mavericks 9th SW U17
4th Plymouth Mayflower 10th Bristol
5th Weymouth 11th Bedminster
6th Arrows 12th Torexe Raiders

Exeter Storm came top for the second year in a row, with Bath University in their first appearance at the event, picking up second place.

2nd Bath University

3rd Wiltshire Mavericks


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