Hardship Funds

I am aware that a number of our larger clubs already have systems, funding structures and trusts funds in place to assist and help their less well-off members. Most clubs I have spoken to this year have also been providing free or discounted sessions for our new Ukrainian friends and I notice a number have recently joined us in the SW League program.

For those clubs who don’t yet have a similar setup, this week’s VE newsletter has the following guidance:

Setting up a hardship fund

Sport England has release a guide on how to create a hardship fund to help cover some, or all, of the costs associated to participating or volunteering in sport and physical activity.

Hardship funds can be important to enabling new, continued, or renewed engagement by people that may otherwise drop out.

You can explore the webpage on how to set up a hardship fund for your club by clicking the link below. If you wish to discuss further with the Hub Team, please email membership@volleyballengland.org or call 01509 974 700.


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