Help Required for a New Name

Platform name

Can you help Volleyball England with a new Name?

One area we need your help with is the new platform’s name. Moving away from VolleyZone presents us with an opportunity to re-name our sports management portal. Should we stick with the name we’re all familiar with, or try something new?

Please share your thoughts via a poll we will be running on social media this week.

Qualities and questions

SportLoMo’s supersystem provides a suite of tools – largely around membership, competitions and club management – to help administrators at all levels of the game while also transforming our users’ experience.

In SportLoMo’s system, clubs will be able to set up and manage payments and training sessions for their own members, associations will be able to run leagues and tournaments, and players will be able to track results and look ahead to upcoming fixtures via a dedicated mobile app.

What is even more exciting is that SportLoMo, which already works with Volleyball Canada, is committed to developing the system for volleyball. It was one of the qualities that made SportLoMo stand out during our meticulous search for a digital partner.

There’s a long road ahead of us before we launch the system, and there will no doubt be some bumps along the way, but we’ve made excellent progress so far. As the months pass by, expect more updates and insights on the system before it goes live.

But for now – what would you like to know? Please send your questions to We’ll answer these in future updates.

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