National Trust properties

If you are looking to run an out door tournament and are looking for a suitable venue, you could try the National Trust.

As part of our on-going partnership with the National Trust a number of Sport England colleagues attended an engagement session with them at one of their outdoor properties. This project (and others within their market development) is focused on widening access to sport. The discussion centred on the need for NGBs and others to provide relevant products / experiences responding to this model. When it comes to investment in NT properties or outdoor sites, there are six geographical areas that will be an initial focus and the NT should be viewed as another route to market or an opportunity to land products and programmes. Regional NT managers are carrying out research with users and developing some strong insight as a result which they are happy to share. Key headlines from the insight include that people visiting NT sites say ‘you can’t beat the outdoors’ and ‘keep it simple’. In addition, people’s main motivations are about exercise, well-being and health which sport can clearly help them to deliver. For more information contact your RM or Jack Buckner.

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