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Some of you may be aware of the Volleyball Hub, a new set up located in London who are aiming to improve the level of volleyball in London and the UK. I asked Valentina, one of the coaches if they would like to give us an insight on what they are doing (see below).


What we do
Volleyball Hub was born with the aim of improving the level of volleyball played in London and UK, offering specialised training that focuses on specific roles on court and also develops skills that are key to the individual player as well as benefiting the whole team.

We deliver clinics that have a technical focus and clinics that have a strategic/tactic aim.
We offer public clinics – are accessible to individual players – and private clinics that are dedicated to a team. The latter differentiate from the former in that the programmes can be tailored to the team’s needs and they focus on both technique and tactics. Whereas the public clinics have either a technical or a tactical focus. All details of a private clinic can be discussed and agreed with our head coach.

The format
The clinics are for a maximum of 12 players, to ensure that the coach can dedicate enough time to each of the participants. The onsite team at each clinic is made of:
– 1 coach. Our coaches are ex-professional players/coaches that have moved London: they are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated
– 1 photographer
– 1 video camera is also used, placed at different corners of the court to record the drills.

We share this data after the clinic to help players become aware of their weaknesses and strengths.
– The videos are also used by the coach to write the individual feedback that is sent to the players within 10 days after the clinic.
– 2-3 assistants. Beside general help we also recruit specific players to support the drills (i.e. advanced setters for the middle clinic or advanced hitters for the libero clinic)

We have delivered a number of technical clinics between Sept and December, and will move on to more tactical ones from January till end of May. We will also repeat some of the technical ones as we couldn’t accommodate all the requests. We hit the ground running with one of our eleven new clinics, Setters I, followed shortly after by the Middle Blocking. We have since run clinics on Middle Hitting, Advanced Setting, Advanced Hitting, Serve & Receive I and Hitting I. Most of the clinics have run for two dates.

Next year the season continues to be exciting and interesting with more new clinics and a particular focus on the strategic/tactic side of the game, adding more clinics to the list: Correlation Block/Defence, Correlation Block/Attack, Libero I and II (focussing on reception and defence respectively), Serve & Receive II, and Hitting II.
We will post the dates of he 2019 clinics in January.

New initiative
We plan on running a mini volley course dedicated to kids from 5-10, divided into two groups. Mini volley is a form of physical activity that, drawing on volleyball, facilitates and develops the kids’ motor ability*. We will use dedicated specialised equipment to guarantee fun and learn in complete safety. With this initiative we hope to support children’s physical and psychological development whilst promoting the sport of volleyball, providing an alternative in sport education in London other than soccer or rugby.

We are based in Battersea Sport Centre a few minutes’ walk from Clapham Junction station.

I think I have covered the activities that we have already implemented – more initiatives are part of the bigger project and we will present them as they progress.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and thanks once again for your interest!

Kind regards,


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