SW Vets Tournament

Plenty of exciting action at this year’s SW Vets Tournament as our senior players took to the court for the annual event. This year the event was held in Exeter for the first time, although 15 teams asked to enter, the event was limited to 12 teams.

After eight hours of competition, Plymouth took the event title by one point from Cardiff Friends, with Wiltshire Mavericks ahead of Yeovil to take third and fourth respectively.


Some facts and figures:

Five players over 60 took part with Jim Gilbert from Countrymen topping the age group at 64. The oldest team was Torexe BB who finishing in a very creditable seventh place with an average team age of 52.5 years. The youngest team taking part was Taunton, although they strangely called themselves the Old Stars with an average age of 43.7 year?

Torexe BB

2011 Results:

1st Plymouth

2nd Cardiff Friends

3rd Wiltshire Mavericks

4th Yeovil

5th Country Men

6th Taunton

7th Torexe Baby Boomers

8th Cardiff Volts

9th City of Bristol

10th Country Men 2

11th Torexe Saga Louts

12th Cardiff

Second Place Cardiff Friends

Third Place Wiltshire Mavericks

Fourth Place Yeovil

Fifth Place Country Men

Sixth Place Taunton

Cardiff Volts

City of Bristol

Torexe SL

For more photos from this years event, see the Photo Album pages


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