SW Team manager Post Available

Photo: This year’s SW U15 Girls waiting to be called on to court by the referee. To get to this position, there is a whole army of volunteers working in the background, and keeping everyone on track is the team leader.

Working with our young players is one of the most rewarding jobs that we have in the association, and we currently have a vacancy for a 2023-24 team manager. The task is to oversee our indoor Inter Regional Championship program this season, which leads to the Inter Regional Championship finals in May.

This can be a parent, a club administrator, or some who is just good at organising things. There are many tasks required with running the program, most are done by others but it’s that one person we need to oversee everyone, to act as a point of contact and to bring everything together.

All the tools you need are online, hence you will need a PC/Mac, you will also need to take part in the SWVA committee and SW coaches’ meetings (online). In fact, you could do the whole job without leaving your home (but you would miss out on the fun).

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, then please contact me, and just for your info, the two previous team managers are still part of the current team, so plenty of advice and support is available.

Dave Reece, SWVA Chair, Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk



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